Occupying the old Barefoot space on 3rd comes Duplex, a lovely looking bar and restaurant that has maintained much of the bones of former space (the wonderful canopied patio especially) while adding a fresh and hip (Soho House-ish) vibe to the two story space (natch, the name).

Will this turn out to be just another pretty spot devoid of much else besides a place to grab an over-priced drink or should LA mark this on their to-go restaurant list?  That’s what The Monster’s come to find out.

Ceviche, local halibut, shrimp, scallops watermelon, tequila blanco granite, house tortillas and calamari fritta with preserved meyer lemon, chilies, goddess sauce start things off.

Both work, the calamari and goddess sauce play well against each other though banana peppers as opposed to chilies would have been The Monster’s call.  The ceviche with watermelon is packed with flavor.  The Monster admits to preferring more traditional variants on the dish but this one does the trick.

In between courses Sleigh Bells comes on and as The Monster sits on his low slung chair and watches the traffic cruise by he has one of those LA fucking rocks moments.  Friday afternoon will do that to you.

A fried chicken sandwich with beef steak tomato, sherry-vinaigrette-cole slaw on ciabatta and a chopped shrimp and mango salad with gem lettuce, napa cabbage, cucumber, peanuts, spicy Thai chili dressing take turns for the mains.

The fried chicken sandwich is a joy and the accompanying fries, though highly seasoned are delicious.  The salad has one piece of mango.  The Monster very much enjoys the salad but wants it renamed.  The salad has two peanuts in it.  The Monster demands the salad be renamed.  Still, the salad is very tasty and filling.

Admitting he came in a skeptic, The Monster must reconcile his preconceived notions with what has turned into a pleasant and enjoyable lunch.  So while Duplex might not redefine eats in this neighborhood it merits a look for those wanting satisfying food or drink in a lovely setting with friendly service.

Why go?  You wear shoes.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

8722 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048

(310) 276-6223

Duplex On Third on Urbanspoon

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