The Monster heads to The Counter with burger on the brain.  It’s been years since he’s visited and he honestly can’t remember if the food is good.  Here’s hoping.

The build your own burger joint has occupied this corner in Santa Monica for years so business must be brisk.  Be it turkey, beef, chicken, bison or veggie, you add on your toppings and select your bun (because who really goes bunless?)

A turkey burger with spicy pepperoncinis, red onion, roasted red peppers and jalapenos with sweet bbq sauce along with some fried pickles is the call.  If it’s not good is it The Monster’s fault?

One thing to say about the place, there are some awfully freaky people dining here.  Two people in berets.  What are the odds?  Bet they hate each other right about now.  One table tips the scales at over a thousand pounds, guaranteed.  Only two people sitting there, however.  And there are white man dreads going on (no judging, The Monster once sported them).

So, fried pickles.  Why do you sound so delicious and end up being so…blah?  The accompanying sauce is a touch to sweet for The Monster’s liking.  It is a huge order and sadly there will be fried leftovers.

As for the burger, it’s good-ish.  The burger itself, the 2/3 pounds is dry but once you slop all the toppings and sauce on it works.  Now, does this replace Umami?  Not in the same league.  But the people are super friendly and there’s no wait.  Definite points in its favor.

A few years down the road The Monster will surely be back.

Why go?  Forgetfulness.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

2901 Ocean Park Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405

(Various locations as well throughout LA)

(310) 399-8383

The Counter on Urbanspoon

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