Disappointment comes in many forms.  The Monster was once sure he’d won the lottery to find out he didn’t have one number right.  Damn it.  The Monster thought he’d have a career as a rock god until he remembered he lacked any all musical talent.  Oh well.  There were failed relationships and career false starts and the time when The Monster’s hair just didn’t work.  It happens.

Which brings us to Sycamore Kitchen.

From the Hatfield folk comes this soon to be breakfast and current lunch spot focusing on sandwiches, salads and baked goods.

The menu is small but well curated.  It sounds delicious.  Turkey chili, a roasted turkey sandwich with cherry mostarda, camembert, arugula and heirloom melon with Hungarian chili and lime will be lunch today.

Inside is order at the counter and a smattering of tables.  It’s industrial chic and good looking.  Out front is a great, large patio that’s dog friendly.  Too bad the tables are fairly much rubbish.  They have these horrible rods criss-crossing them underneath that continuously make you bump your knees.  Hi Sycamore Kitchen, did anyone sit in these prior to purchase?  Didn’t think so.

So the food rolls out and just like the time The Monster was rejected as a hand model it really stings something fierce.

The turkey chili sucks.  It’s all beans and doesn’t have, oh what’s that thing called?  Taste, right.  Calling it chili is really a blatant lie.  It’s beans sprinkled with tasteless turkey.  0-1.

As for the fruit, save your money and go to any street corner and get the same from a vendor.  It’s delicious enough for sure but not worth the cost.  0-2.

The sandwich is fine.  Bordering on good even.  Nowhere near great.  Very good bread, decent fillings but small and served only with a pickle.  A sad pickle.  And it’s expensive.  0-3.

Totally uninspired The Monster decides he must sample dessert.  A salted caramel pecan bobka roll is the call.  Best of the bunch but didn’t blow The Monster away.  1-4.

Sorry Sycamore Kitchen, you’re like every time The Monster goes to sushi in Ohio.  And the last dentist visit.  Or pretty much rooting for the Cubs.

Why go?  You’re life is all rainbows and smiley faces.

Monster rating: 1½/5 Monsters

143 South La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

323) 935-2977

Sycamore Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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