The next stop on The Monster’s Columbus dining tour is Ocean Club.  A Cameron Mitchell restaurant   It was Cameron and Papa Monster who began and jointly chaired Serra Bella, a charity for The Children’s Hospital in Columbus.  The first year they raised $200,000 for the hospital with the charity eventually reaching $800,000 a year.

It’s that philanthropic spirit that The Monster has tried to emulate with his own efforts on behalf of The James Cancer Hospital in honor of Papa Monster’s battle and survival through throat cancer.

Ocean Club is a large restaurant, nicely done in woods and browns.  Like Cameron’s M Restaurant, there’s a questionable use of neon lighting that gives portions of the restaurant a bit of a Vegas flair.  If that’s your thing then Mazel, you’ll love it.

The call today is Point Judith calamari with sweet chili sauce and candied cashews, lobster bisque with a sweet corn fritter and for the main event scallops, parmesan risotto, English peas with citrus vinaigrette.  On the side, glazed carrots with brown sugar butter.

The calamari is Asian in flavor and while nice, wildly inconsistent between bites.  Some are slathered in sauce, others lack it completely.  The calamari coating is thick and the sauce heavy making this a dish that must be shared between the table unless you want a side of heart attack with your meal.

The entrees come and no soup has arrived.  While the service has been spot on and warm this guffaw merits not much more than the soup will be taken off the bill.  That’s a misstep.

The scallop dish is fine, though the risotto is neither warm enough nor the scallops firm enough.  The flavors are well paired but the dish tonight just doesn’t wow.

The carrots are a large portion, nicely sweet though overcooked.  Like everything else, a touch off.

The Monster has always enjoyed Ocean Club so while this meal didn’t shine the way some have given it’s the 4th of July holiday and the restaurant is admittedly much more busy than they anticipated perhaps it’s an off night.

A piano player is a nice touch and the bar scene is always packed if you’d like a more casual experience.

Why go?  You hate bisque.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

4002 Easton Station
Columbus, OH 43219

(614) 416-2582

Mitchell's Ocean Club on Urbanspoon

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