G Michael’s, another venerable Columbus institution for fine dining.  Will it hold up in The Monster’s eyes?

The room is Columbus chic which is to say slightly classy and partly out of date.  Design elements in Ohio seem to necessitate the use of pattern and style that immediately make it passé.   Case in point, the horrible terra cotta flooring, the green runner carpets above them, the light fixtures out of ’92.  The German Village’s intimate brick location does have fantastic windows and light and delightful al fresco dining.

Given Columbus has been dealing with power issues post tornado the restaurant is working with a reduced menu.  Completely understandable but would have been good to inform one of this when making a reservation.

To start, gazpacho – nice kick, this is a simple, classic version of the soup.  The Monster does however like his version better.

Calamari comes up next.  This is sweet, lightly breaded, and a nice sized portion.  It needs be shared due to the sweetness that will overwhelm the palette if one tries to go it alone.

The mussels are the last of the starters and prove a good sized portion as well though the mussels themselves are infinitely small.  The broth is nice though by no means revolutionary.

The trout is the first of the entrees and is a lovely looking dish that has a beautiful medley of vegetables accompanying it.  The trout itself is well prepared but has a slight metallic aftertaste and suffers to a degree from being prepared with too much oil.

Lastly, halibut is meaty and another good sized portion but The Monster just can’t help to think it’s not working completely either.  Too much oil again is part of the culprit.

The Monster has never understood shoe-string fries.  Nothing about them.  These might be the world’s greatest yet still The Monster will ignore them.

After a few nights of dining at old favorites and new hot spots in Columbus The Monster has come to the realization that dining in Ohio will never hold a candle to California.  The ingredients cannot be sourced as fresh, the chef’s acumen proves less impressive and the clientele ultimately doesn’t demand as much from their restaurants.

Perhaps that’s why Columbus is the undisputed fast food capital of the world.  Something The Monster is proud of.

Why go?  It’s the city you live in.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

595 South 3rd Street
Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 464-0575

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