Mama Monster wants frozen yogurt but she hides this from The Monster by saying there is a new dessert place with an amazing banana dessert.  So we end up at Spoon Me.

Now, The Monster doesn’t eat bananas (and Mama Monster knows this) unless they have been altered in some way (as discussed here) so this is of course a ploy for her to sate her fetish.

So they take a banana and whip it through some crazy machine and it freezes and becomes…

…A frozen banana dessert.  The Monster tops his with chocolate chips.

While Mama Monster loves it to The Monster it tastes like cold, mushy, banana.  So it’s everything The Monster hates about bananas but just…cold.  So after one bite he slides his portion over.

Oh well.

Why go?  Addiction.

Monster rating: 0/5 Monsters

4691 Morse Road
Gahanna, OH 43230

(614) 475-3200

Spoon Me on Urbanspoon

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