Old school charm and warmth make Smith & Wollensky exude class at this steak and seafood classic mini-chain as Sinatra croons and the pretty people of Ohio (stop laughing California) sip on martini’s at the fabulous bar.

The Monster is ready to dive in to a light meal in one of his Ohio favorites that promises wonderful food and service.

What might you start with?  Prince Edward Island Mussels with prosciutto and lemon cream sauce or beef carpaccio on a Himalayan salt block give you an idea of the menu.  As for main dishes, think Filet Mignon done seven different ways, a butcher burger or a lobster BLT.

The starter calls for The Monster are the crab cake with cognac mustard and ginger sauces along with the barbecued shrimp served with jicama and mango salad.  For the main, gasp, The Monster is eating a salad. Granted it’s a lobster mango salad with mango chutney, avocado aioli, and crispy tortilla garnish.

But let’s begin with the ridiculously delicious bread which is sweet enough to be dessert and savory enough to be a main dish.  Topped with butter, salt, chives and herbs its warm and inviting aroma makes it impossible not to finish.  So The Monster makes quick work of it.

The crab cake arrives and is meaty crab and a wonderful assortment of sauces marred on this occasion only by being slightly over cooked on the outside.  Still, dig inside and be rewarded.

Similarly, the shrimp are great save being a touch overcooked.  But the flavor profile is wonderful and perfect for the summer and the spirit of barbecues and the 4th.

It is with the lobster mango salad S+W shines.  It is an elegant summer salad with huge chunks of lobster and sweet mango playing deftly off the dressing that brings a touch of heat and cream.

All in, The Monster is a big fan of Smith and Wollensky and this is a spot that works well for both the seafood and steak lover and local and out of town guest alike.

Why go?  You burn everything on the grill anyway.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

Easton Town Center
4145 The Strand West
Columbus, OH 43219

(614) 416-2400

*Other locations in Boston, Chicago, DC, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Philadelphia

Smith & Wollensky on Urbanspoon

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