A Bexley time capsule, Wing’s is a Chinese restaurant with mod décor (think underground Shanghai sex club from the swinging 60’s) that hasn’t changed since The Monster was a wee kid. In fact, The Monster would swear he’s sitting in the exact same black leather club chair he did as a child. And that couldn’t make him happier.

As well known for its bar and scotch selection (one of the largest in Central Ohio with over 150 single malts) as its old school menu of Chinese/American dishes, Wing’s will not wow anyone looking for a high-end meal.  But for those looking for friendly service, a stiff drink and local color Wing’s may be your thing.

From the placemats with games The Monsters fondly recalls as a child, to the General Tso’s Chicken he remembers Papa Monster always ordering, this is a complete time-warp.

In honor of Papa Monster it’s General Tso’s for this cat.  You may order standard Chinese/American fare (egg fu yung, sweet and sour pork, lo mein) or dive into their American menu (blt sandwiches?).

Seriously, what other Chinese restaurant serves your food with bread and butter?  As for the main dish, it’s a time-warp too so perhaps your best bet is to hit the bar.  That being said, service could not be friendlier and given the limited sample size perhaps other dishes stand-out more.

Why go?  Jazz on the hi-fi, plush black leather booths, sexy dim lighting and smoky red walls, you’re just that kind of hep cat.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

2801 East Main Street
Columbus, OH 43209

(614) 236-8261

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