While the room looks a little like a 1980’s Vegas lounge replete with purple neon lighting and a questionable mural along one wall, M in Miranova is still talked about as one of Columbus’ best restaurants.

It’s a lovely menu of seafood and steaks with along with a limited sushi list.  The clientele varies wildly between guests in suits and other in shorts and Ohio State sweatshirts.  Par for the course in Columbus.

The Monster decides to start with a dragon roll, crab, avocado, cucumber and barbecued eel.  It breaks his rule about sushi in Ohio but it sounds good so here’s hoping.  The sushi reminds The Monster of why he instituted the no sushi policy in Ohio in the first place.  Rice is dry, the flavors don’t really jump off the plate.  Back to no sushi Ohio for this guy.

Next up, scallops with truffle potatoes, mushrooms, fava beans and grape tomatoes.  The scallops fair much better, a delicious starter with a touch of sweetness from the sauce playing against the beans and tomatoes.

For the main halibut with an Alaskan king crab cake, snap pea saute, lemon vinaigrette.  On the side, lobster mashed potatoes.  The day those aren’t good The Monster quits.  The fish is a standout, light and bright flavors accented nicely by the king crab cake.

The lobster mash is wonderful but must have nine bars of butter, it is swimming in the stuff making it hard to justify eating too much of it.  Hard to say pass on lobster mash but in this case the net gain might not be worth it.  Walking out The Monster nearly has a heart attack so keep that in mind if you do order this side dish.  So the more he reflects on it, the less he likes the lobster mash.

Prices at M aren’t cheap (especially by Ohio standards) though those traveling from out of town or on an expense account won’t mind.  And given the space is half full perhaps that’s who is dining here.

Why go?  The company is paying the bill.

Monster rating: 3½/5 Monsters

2 Miranova Place, Suite 100
Columbus, OH 43215

(614) 629-0000

M at Miranova on Urbanspoon

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