So, the first restaurant The Monster hits in Columbus, Ohio?  A Turkish restaurant in the mall at Easton.  There are Turkish restaurants in Ohio?

With the Turkish music playing and the room accented by tapestries and beautiful chandeliers it’s a pleasant place to come.  Is there a Turkish population in Columbus?  Seems weird but it’s been almost twenty years since The Monster has lived here.

Hummus, chicken adana kebab (ground chicken flavored with crushed red peppers grilled on flat skewers) and the dessert of the day is the call for lunch.

The bread is warm and crusty with an infused oil of what seems to be red peppers.  It’s nice.  The hummus however has little taste save tahini.  The Monster makes better and it’s weirdly served with the same bread. Not an auspicious start to the meal.

The chicken is flavorful if not a bit dry.  The side of steamed vegetables are absolutely tasteless and rubbery but the rice (made with a ton of butter it seems) is good.

The rice pudding dessert proves a highlight.  Light, with hints of cinnamon, it is surprisingly tasty.  What is not a highlight?  The cheap ass spoon The Monster is given to eat it with.  It’s comically bent and feels like something you’d used at a school cafeteria.  That anyone could look at this spoon and then give it to a customer is laughable.

The Monster grew up in Columbus and there’s always a stab of nostalgia upon his return.  But from now on he might look to hit the old favorites.

Why go?  You could swing to Istanbul (Not Constantinople) for days.

Monster rating: 2½/5 Monsters

3983 Worth Avenue
Columbus, OH 43219

(614) 473-9144

Café Istanbul on Urbanspoon

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