Sitting outside at Waffle Chix about to get my fried chicken on when the very friendly guy sitting next to me tells me the roasted chicken is better.  Is this possible?  Has the earth stopped spinning on its axis?

Then he tells me he works here but is off the clock.  So The Monster’s gotta listen, right?

The menu is made up of chicken.  And waffles.  And chicken and waffles. There’s fixins like mac n cheese and grits and smashed red potatoes with gravy.

Waffle Chix is certainly not cardiologist approved but The Monster feels on the healthier side with his roasted chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato, red onion, alfalfa, pickles, smoked cheese and mustard aioli spread.

The sandwich comes on waffles and looks promising.  Looks can be deceiving.  The chicken is dry and overcooked, the mustard aioli is sparsely spread across the sandwich making it even drier than necessary and the waffle itself is flimsy making eating this a difficult proposition.  It is huge.  So there is an abundance of less than mediocre food.

Nobody messes up fries.  False.  The fries that come with the sandwich are inexplicably both soggy and stale, need salt (and The Monster doesn’t really like salt) and generally lack taste.  The tomato jam is nice however.

Service is friendly and people watching is prime so there is that.

Why go?  You don’t listen.

Monster rating: 1/5 Monsters

1059 Broxton Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90024

(310) 208-3071

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