Cecconi’s couldn’t play dead in a cowboy movie – always hopping. Great ambiance to grab a cocktail al fresco on the marvelous patio. Therein ends much of the good news for The Monster.

The food is a parade of hits and misses. The wait staff couldn’t have been more disinterested. They can’t possibly have auditions on a Friday night. The clientele runs from standard West Hollywood scene-y to cheese parfait.

While the menu has its moments so many of the dishes come out and never wow. Proficient enough isn’t enough when you’re spending this kind of quan on a meal. You deserve more. Unless…

…what you want is to eat up the atmosphere. Grab a spoon and dive in because Cecconi’s has that in spades. There was more leopard in the room than Africa and aftershave runs deep and heavy.

The Monster starts off with gaspacho. It is surprisingly nice.
Refreshing, a touch sweet and chunky.

The lobster spaghetti is up next. Neither hit nor miss. It’s fine. It’s decent. It’s approaching good. At this price point not good enough.

The side of artichoke and peas is plain awful. The Monster has many pithy ways of expressing this but all he really wants to do is head out.

And pay the $10 for valet. Egregious.

Why go? You’re visiting from Dubuque.

Monster rating: 2½/5 Monsters

8764 Melrose Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90069

(310) 432-2000

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