On a lonely strip of Burbank Boulevard in the Valley is El Katracho Honduran.  The Monster’s knowledge of Honduran cuisine, or the nation and its people can easily be summed up.  He knows next to nothing.

Divided into two rooms, one of which hosts karaoke on Fridays and Saturdays.  EKH is just as The Monster imagined.  Colorful posters line the walls, televisions play soccer, the clientele speaks no English.

The menu is mercifully translated and includes pictures.  Most of what’s on offer will be familiar as the cuisine hues closely to Mexican food in many respects though the inclusion of coconut is one notable difference.

A basket of chips, covered in cotija cheese and a mild salsa starts you off.  It’s appreciated as the drive was long and hot and The Monster is hungry.  It is not however terribly tasty as the chips get soggy from being smothered and the salsa needs more flavor.

Crab soup and marinated chicken is the call.  It’s assuredly too much food from  the pictures but how often is The Monster this deep in the Valley?

The crab soup is a mammoth portion, with plantain, potato, cassava and crab in a rich, creamy coconut broth.  While there are many pieces of crab in the shell in the soup, a surgeon will be needed to extract it.

Unfortunately, immediately after the soup is served the chicken arrives as well.  It’s served with carrots, potatoes, rice, beans and a side salad along with thick flour tortillas (baleadas).  A nice meal can be had throwing it all into a baleadas and adding a dash of Tapatio.

As the clientele cheers the soccer team on The Monster sets off for home with a large to go bag of food and a new appreciation for Honduran cuisine.

Why go?  You’re from Tegucigalpa.

Monster rating: 2½/5 Monsters

14838 Burbank Boulevard
Sherman Oaks, CA 91411

(818) 780-7044

El Katracho on Urbanspoon


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