Glendon Bar and Kitchen.  Suspicious from the get-go given the name.  Hate that we’re eating beside high tops in the “bar area” that look down on us in the “restaurant section.”

It’s a mish-mosh menu that spans everything from pizza to pasta, sandwiches to main courses.  Mac n’ cheese with blue crab, mac n’ cheese with chicken red pepper, chicken sliders, and lone star chicken spring rolls with Southwestern sauce is the roll.

It’s a room that doesn’t know if it wants to be a bar or a restaurant so it fails at both.  TV’s behind the bar along with huge floral arrangements that together look schlocky.  Men clap loudly at a hockey game while large groups of students drink during happy hour.  There’s a weird and ugly seating area in one corner and the back of the space features an upstairs that looks lonely and dark.  Also, whoever designed the menus should be fired.  They are annoyingly busy.

The mac has a jalapeno bechamel base so both versions have a kick.  The Monster enjoys them but didn’t really need to try both.  That’s a lot of calories and cream.

The spring rolls are tasty and unique with the Southwestern flair but the accompanying sauce is a vile looking color and after one bite The Monster thinks it might be liquid rat poison.  He’s still breathing so perhaps not.

The chicken sliders are surprisingly wonderful even though they look like a mess.  Moist chicken, onions and a sweet Hawaiian roll. Why they come with lettuces under them The Monster cannot answer.

The hockey game has been replaced with basketball.  The men still cheer.

For dessert, cherry bourbon bread pudding.  For The Monster it tastes too much like French toast.  Some people may think that’s a good thing.  They’d be wrong.

Glendon tries hard to be all things to all people and in doing so reminds The Monster of some overly friendly types that he can’t stand.  He wants to like them.  He just doesn’t.

Why go?  There’s a game on.

Monster rating: 2½/5 Monsters

1071 Glendon Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90024

(310) 208-2023

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  1. Nick Weston

    I love the glendon! You guys are nuts. Love your blog too but have never felt the need to respond to anything. I think you have it wrong. I only dine there once a month but I always have a great time. I am a strait up drink kinda guy but always seem to find myself drinking a mean mixed drink at the glendon.

    • Nick, appreciate the kind words on the blog greatly. Do you sit at the bar and eat and drink or at a table? This night it was more about dinner than drinks for The Monster so perhaps that proved part of the issue.

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