All the way out in Van Nuys is Puro Sabor, a Peruvian joint in an apparent wasteland for restaurants.  The Monster loves him some Peruvian seafood so this is a must try.

He’s the only person speaking English in the room done up in oranges and greens with travel posters lining the walls.  Good sign.

The appetizer that catches The Monster’s eye is the Palta Rellena, an avocado stuffed with chicken.  Saltado de Camarones is the call for the entree and The Monster’s mouth is already watering thinking about those shrimp, onion and tomato infused French fries.  A glass of strawberry juice to top it all off.

The aji and bread to start is deliciously hot.  A three alarm fire is burning down The Monster’s throat straight into his stomach.  It’s lovely.  It also induces sweat.  Not as lovely.

The chicken stuffed avocado is a bit too creamy for The Monster’s liking.  The vision he had in his head of this dish and what it actually is are world’s apart.  It sits sadly on the plate barely touched.

But the saltado quickly arrives and saves the day.  The marriage of ingredients in this dish is a perfect composition of flavor and texture.  This version is the best The Monster has had in Los Angeles.

As for the service, it’s authentically Peruvian which is to say it’s adequate.  Just don’t be in a hurry.

As The Monster drives home he passes a bar called Carlito’s Way.  It’s got to be awesome.  A return trip to Van Nuys is now in the offing.

Why go?  You like heartburn.  And sweating.

Monster rating: 3½/5 Monsters

6366 Van Nuys Boulevard
Van Nuys, CA 91497

(818) 908-0818

Puro Sabor Peruvian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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