What’s in an unfortunate name (steak sauce!  Not the namesake Italian highway) and an oddly placed orange Vespa by the door?  A1 Cucina in the former Il Buco space on Robertson.

It’s simple and inviting rooms and on this evening there is a nice crowd of mostly older folk but the din is quite loud.

There are lots of busboys and no servers in sight.  We have bread.  We have water.  We want food.

When the server arrives The Monster decides on a margherita pizza, the chitarra all’Aglio with sweet garlic, tomato sauce and fiore sardi cheese and the Baccala, sauteed black cod over fregola sarda and fava beans.

The pizza isn’t so great.  Tough crust, chewy cheese, a lack of sauce and oily.  The dominate flavor is salt.  Still, it’s pizza so it gets eaten.

The pasta is nice enough.  Al dente, a decent red sauce with a touch of cream.  It’s not otherworldy but it does the trick.

As for the fish.  Eh.  Looking for more flavor that isn’t coming from the accompanying beans and fregola sarda.

While the service is pleasant, in a city filled with Italian options The Monster unfortunately isn’t feeling A1 Cucina.

Why go?  You love steak sauce.

Monster rating 2/5 Monsters

107 North Robertson Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

(310) 657-1345

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