Pa-Ord is Thai Town’s champion noodle shop.  It’s a bunch of hungry Thai’s and The Monster.

With not much atmosphere and nowhere to stand since the joint is always jammed The Monster patiently (lie) waits to be seated.

Drunken noodles with long beans, basil and chicken and Chinese broccoli and gravy over noodles with chicken is the order.  There are countless types of noodles to try and be it with seafood, pork, chicken or beef reports from the field confirm all of them are delicious.  For the more adventurous perhaps you sample the Issan sausages which also have a cult following.

Pa-Ord knows one temperature: fucking spicy.  They have no bathrooms.  They only accept cash.  At least they have a parking lot.  It’s full.  But they get you in and out quickly and the service is friendly enough.

The food is downright tasty and amazingly cheap.  Thai food in this city is a jeweled treasure of culinary delight.

Leaving the restaurant The Monster is reminded that Thai Town borders Hollywood as all the lovely weirdos are out with pink hair, bad tattoos and questionable clothing choices.

Why go?  You have a bathroom at home.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

5301 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 8
Los Angeles, CA 90027

(323) 461-3945

Pa-Ord Noodle on Urbanspoon


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