A homey little space in Santa Monica, Fritto Misto is a no frills spot for huge portions of satisfying Americanized Italian fare.

This is not “I’m feeling like I have cankles, must watch the calories” eats.  This is “I think I can distend my stomach even more and eat 265266 calories for lunch” eats.

A garden salad with seasonal vegetables, croutons and green onion on a bed of romaine with balsamic vinaigrette and the Santa Fe ravioli with chicken ravioli tossed in a garlic cream sauce topped with pico de gallo will fill The Monster to the brim today.  For dessert a flourless chocolate cake topped with whipped cream will tip the scales into bad idea territory.

You want cream-sauced pasta?  You want huge potions of chicken piccata?  You want the namesake fritto misto?  You want rich dessert?  Then this is your place.

Fritto Misto is not Alejo’s goodness, it’s more in line with Spumoni though in fairness still a hair below that establishment in The Monster’s mind.

Meaning it’s tasty enough gut grub with friendly service, large helpings and fair prices.  Destination dining it is not but for a casual meal it more than fits the bill.

Why go?  Mangia, mangia, mangia.

Monster rating: 2½/5 Monsters

601 Colorado Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90407

(310) 458-2829

Fritto Misto on Urbanspoon

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