Chicken and cold noodles with sesame and slippery shrimp is the call as The Monster visits Yang Chow.  The valley is a blazing caldron of scorching heat and a cold drink is needed, stat.

They start you out with a complimentary pickled cabbage.  There is one sliver of carrot underneath that mess.  It looks lonely.  The cabbage is slightly sweet and The Monster finds himself eating it despite himself.

The restaurant itself resembles a conference room at the Days Inn, Pataskala, Ohio.  It is inspiring in its sheer awfulness.  Weirdly, they have the radio on.  The Monster knows this because the DJ on 94.7 The Wave is annoying as all get out.

Apparently Yang Chow wants to win an award for the largest pile of sesame noodles ever.  Also, a woman just walked in with a full on moustache.  She’s smiling at The Monster.  It’s scaring him.  Wasn’t this dish supposed to have chicken?  Rename this dish too many noodles not enough chicken.  It’s pretty good however.

She’s still smiling and the moustache seems to be growing larger.  It’s disturbing.

As for the famed slippery shrimp?  Over sauced but they are little fried bundles of tasty.  Again, the portion is ridiculously large so dinner today and breakfast tomorrow will be Chinese.

Why go?  You own a razor.

Monster rating: 2½/5 Monsters

6443 Topanga Canyon Boulevard
Canoga Park, CA 91303

(818) 347-2610

Locations in Chinatown and Pasadena as well.

Yang Chow on Urbanspoon


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