It’s Sangria Saturday at Little Moir’s Leftovers Cafe as Bob Marley serenades the family.  Bring on the clericot.

Leftovers is known for seafood so it’s a happy Monster despite the fact that his family is all in a fightin’ mood.

To get things going The Monster orders up some chicken wings (ironic at a seafood joint, sure) tossed in valentina hot sauce with lemon, honey and lime garlic dipping sauce.  He’s especially happy to hear the rest of the table doesn’t like wings.  More for him.

As The Monster sips on his clericot he peruses the large menu as family goes between getting along and wanting to strangle each other.  Not much has changed.

To start, some pumpkin, corn and crab soup with the entree call being sweet potato encrusted pompano over greens with mango, greenbeans, onion, tomato, snap peas and key lime garlic dressing.

The soup is fantastic. Thick and meaty with a kick, it retains a bit of sweetness from the pumpkin.

The wings?  Right after they are devoured The Monster will tell you more. Of course the table sees them and wants to dig in.   Stand back, people, family or not too late.  Meaty and spicy and sweet, the wings are a good call.

And yea, the fish is fantastic as well.  And herein lies the rub with traveling.  You hit all the best places and get an inflated sense of the restaurant scene in any given locale.  Does the Palm Beach area have the best food in the world?  No.  Have the meals been mighty tasty?  Yes.  From here on out The Monster will dine only at subpar restaurants to average out the mean.

But here’s why Leftovers ultimately wins The Monster’s praise. Good food, check.  Good service, check.  Shut the family up as they happily ate, check.

The Monster family orders a mess of desserts to go lest the imminent strangling happens within the family confines of Leftovers.

Why go?  Quietude, if only for a moment.

Monster rating: 3½/5 Monsters

451 University Boulevard
Jupiter, FL 33458

(561) 627-6030

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