The Monster understands Visa.  Mastercard.  American Express.  He admits to
carrying all three.  He almost gets Discover.  Almost.  He’s  even old
enough to remember the Carte Blanche card (wow).

Can someone, anyone however explain the Diner’s Club card?  Because Diner’s
Club makes absolutely not a whit of sense.

As an inveterate eater, a lover of gustatory delight, and try as he might not
want to admit it “foodie,” The Monster has traveled the world eating and
owes much of it to the plastic he carries in his wallet.  Imagine a world
without credit cards and debit cards and ATM’s.  Yes, there was once such a
place.  For the younger set The Monster remembers sending his first email.  In college.  And a time before microwaves.  And the abacus (lie).

That being said, does any establishment accept Diner’s Club cards?  Do they
still exist?  Can you use them in non restaurant settings?

Surely someone out there has carried or still does possess a Diner’s Club
card.  Come forward and announce yourself and fill us all in.

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