The Monster is in the mood for duck.  And when a duck hankering hits you’d be foolish not to sate your desires.  And so Flying Pig Cafe comes to mind.  In Little Tokyo (the hardest parking spot in town) they serve a duck confit macaroni and also serve the bird as tamarind tacos.  The Monster decides to get both.  And a smoked chicken taco as well.  Then he sees duck confit fried rice.  Next time.

It’s a gorgeous LA day so he sits on the patio and watches frustrated drivers look for somewhere to park.  That red Prius is on lap number three.

It’s a fun menu at Flying Pig.  Perhaps you’ll sample the pork belly ramen or the crunch shrimp po’ boy.  In the mood for meat, how about a carne asada in a blanket that comes with something called “death sauce.” Perhaps you get that on the side.

The duck taco is insanely flavorful.  Huge duck taste with a lingering kick.  The smoked chicken taco is equally delicious and is deftly paired with mandarin orange giving it a sweet flavor against the smoked chicken.

The duck confit mac n’ cheese (sans the bacon for this Monster) is good but probably could use the additional flavor the tref (that’s non-kosher bacon for the rest of you) gives it.  It’s a large portion even coming off the “little” section of the menu.  It’ll make for great leftovers.

While the Yelpers and Urbanspoon crowd is split on this brick and mortar iteration of the food truck, The Monster enjoyed his food and the pleasant service.

Why go?  You found parking.

Monster rating 4/5 Monsters

141 South Central Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90013

(213) 621-0300

Flying Pig Café on Urbanspoon

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