The Monster is all by his lonesome in the Pie Hole.  Mouth watering waiting for a chicken pot pie and a mac n’ cheese pie.  Decadent?  Yes!

Hurry up Pie Hole!  The Monster needs pie!  Whatever music they have playing is great.  Dollars to donuts no one knows who it is.    Nope, they didn’t.  And then the next song is painful.  Horrendously so.  It’s got cymbals and a man singing with a terribly bad voice and sounds faintly Irish meets big band meets holy hell make it stop.  And amazingly it gets worse.  What The Monster does for pie.

It’s a simple room, white walls, blue ceiling and dark wooden tables with incredibly uncomfortable metallic chairs.  If Ralph Lauren had a restaurant it would look like this.  Except for the horrible chairs.  He’d do better.  The music just plain sucks too.  Imagine Ralph Lauren would pick better music.  Who the hell curates this rubbish?

And finally the food arrives.  And it looks beautiful.  The Monster loves chicken pot pie.  It reminds him of childhood and happy times and America.  And just the thought of mac n’ cheese pie is enough to bring a smile to his face.

The Monster doesn’t want to write this but he finds the pies disappointing.  They aren’t bad.  They just aren’t great either.  The mac n’ cheese pie just doesn’t have a ton of flavor and is overbaked the chicken pot which is what brought him all the way to the Arts District downtown is similarly lacking in the wow factor.

While the pie portion is expertly executed the fillings both would gain from adding a different element.  For the mac n’ cheese pie it would be sharper cheese (and perhaps a shorter bake time so it is not so dry) and for the chicken pot pie a richer gravy.

Sorry Pie Hole, The Monster wants to love you.  He really does. You’re friendly staff, cute digs and pie menu means he’ll come back and try you again.  Maybe the sweet pies are better than their savory counterparts?  But for now, he just isn’t feeling it.

Why go?  Wurstkuche is crowded.

Monster rating: 2½/5 Monsters

714 Traction Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90013

(213) 537-0115

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