Pickles mega-rule.  Anything pickled (save herring and people) The Monster will absolutely, lovingly scarf down.  See a pickle tray, eat a pickle. Then another.  Another.  Sheepishly another.  And then ask for more.

Pickled jars of exotic fruits and vegetables gracing a menu demand to be ordered (and luckily are de riguer).  Pickles, once the bastard step-child of food are white hot and present on the finest of menus.

Growing up frequenting Jewish delis they always featured fantastic assortments of pickles.  Various sizes, colors and levels of crunch.  Whether this was The Carnegie or Katz’s or Wolfie’s Rascal House, pickles were an essential part of the experience.  So much so The Monster recalls a meal made up entirely of free pickles.  Afterward, The Monster felt pickled himself.  Not good.

What is a pickle?  In America it’s a pickled cucumber.  In the UK it’s a pickled onion.  In Scandinavian it is the dreaded pickled herring.

Be it kosher dill or sweet and spicy, pickling isn’t just about delicious tasting food but also an essential process for societies to preserve their food when resources become scarce.  Pickling began in India 4000 years ago for just this reason.

Be it kimchi or gherkins or Japanese daikon, pickled foods are 100% Monster approved for your gustatory pleasure.

Pickle up and pickle down people!



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  1. iris

    After my own heart. I go to exotic markets just looking for pickled anything. My fridge my not have real food but no shortage of condiments. Love

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