It’s 11:40 am and Pepy’s Galley may be the most popular restaurant in Los Angeles.  The place is packed and a huge line extends out the door.

What is Pepy’s Galley you ask?  Awesomeness defined.  It’s a diner.  With a pirate theme.  Owned by an insanely friendly man named Pepy.  Who is Italian.  But a large portion of the menu is Mexican.  Oh, and all this awesomeness happens to be in a bowling alley.  It’s like The Monster has been transported back to Ohio!

This is no frills, no credit card dining where if you don’t see it on the menu no worries, Pepy will make it happen.  The t-shirts worn by staff have a pirate on them below which it says ‘eat it & smile.”  Must get one of these shirts.

The Monster sits at the counter between a grandma finishing her jello in a plastic cup and a rocker type ordering breakfast because he probably hasn’t yet gone to bed.  Perfect.

You don’t get a drink at Pepy’s, you get a trough.  A 64 ounce trough.   And try as you might, spending more than $10 on a meal is next to impossible.  Even the steak and shrimp clocks in at less than a Hamilton.

With an encyclopedic menu of breakfast, sandwiches, grilled sandwiches, dieter’s plates, salads, lunch and dinner selections and Mexican choices it’s a dizzying array of possibilities.

The Monster settles on the hot turkey sandwich served with mash potatoes, gravy, corn and cranberry.

For $6.95 it’s a man’s meal.  A ton of turkey, a heaping helping of mash potatoes, a side of corn and a dollop of cranberry.  The Monster slams his lunch as grandma takes a pill and leaves.  Three seconds later The Monster is sitting next to…another grandma.

The Monster grew up on the Grill N’ Skillet and Nancy’s Diner and in LA he’s found a compatriot in Pepy’s Galley.

Why go?  Grrrr!

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

12125 Venice Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90066

(310) 390-0577

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2 responses to “REVIEW: PEPY’S GALLEY

  1. Have you tried the salsa roja? Get the darkest one (they usually have two or three). Life changing…

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