Venice Beach Wines.  Is it a wine bar?  An artisanal restaurant?  A wine store?  How about all three.

It’s packed at lunch so The Monster is sitting inside, a giant tree stump with stools around it serving as the table.  It’s dark and cozy, a touch romantic surrounded by wine bottles.  Perfect to have lunch with a male colleague.  Given how swamped it is outside on the tiny patio having room to stretch out is just fine.

For lunch The Monster orders the warm house roasted turkey sandwich with sundried tomato and artichoke tapenade/basil pesto along with a bean salad, chips an apple and a Fizzy Lizzy (raspberry lemon).  To start some pickled vegetables sound about right.

Perhaps you’ll have lemon, garlic chicken skewers with baby greens and chipotle dipping sauce while sipping on a Monterey Chardonnay or some charcuterie while coiffing an Argentinean Malbec.

The pickles to start are tasty.  Wish the portion is larger as divided between two people it’s a bite and a bite and a bite and sadly gone.  The Monster loves his pickles so perhaps two orders are the call next time. 

The problem comes after the pickle starter.  With only one person preparing food and the food prep station being the size of a thimble, the food (even sandwiches) takes foorrrreeevvveerrrr…

But it’s all worth it because the food is 100% awesomeness on a plate.  The pressed sandwich is gooey and delicious, the bean salad is nicely paired with onion to add a bite and kick and the chips and apple are a nice touch for lunch.

Having been many times for wine and a snack, The Monster knows the small space can be exceedingly claustrophobic (must you sit on my lap weird stranger?) and the lack of heating lamps can leave one chilled (come closer weird stranger).  But all in all VBW is a great little spot on the now hipper-than-thou Rose Avenue.

Why go? Your deodorant works well.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

529 Rose Avenue
Venice, CA 90291

(310) 606-2529

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