The Monster just completed a drug deal.  He was given an address on South Robertson and told what time to arrive and how much money to have.  At the appointed hour a man stepped out of a nondescript building and brought the narcotics.  Money exchanged hands.  The Monster hurried off to get his fix…

…which is deep dish Chicago style pizza from Hollywood Pies!

Like the addict he is The Monster’s hands are shaking in anticipation.  Speeding down the freeway zipping in and out of lanes toward Santa Monica.  Traffic laws ignored, safety no longer paramount.  There is only one thing that matters.  This pizza.

When finally he makes it home he pauses for a moment, hoping this pie can satiate his primal desires, his gustatory dreams.

He opens the box to see a beautiful pizza.  It’s red tomato sauce a siren for this shameless pizza addict, its crust a call to chow.

He takes a bite and there it is…Valhalla, nirvana, ecstasy, bliss…

Sweet sauce, fresh tomatoes, wonderful ingredients (sweet red peppers and onion) and a perfect crust.  It brings The Monster back to his days living in Chicago when pies like these were a weekly occurrence.  There are four glorious pieces.  Does The Monster dare to take them all down at once or should he save a piece for breakfast tomorrow?

With his needs fulfilled for now (he does in fact save a piece) he hopes he can break this cycle of dependence on Hollywood Pies.  He doubts he can.

Why go?  Your middle name is danger.

Monster rating: 4½/5 Monsters

1437 South Robertson Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90035

(323) 337-3212

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4 responses to “REVIEW: HOLLYWOOD PIES

  1. YES!!! The shadiness only adds to the deliciousness! So good!!

  2. Jeremy

    I would murder someone to eat that right now.

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