To call Zamzam a market is a shamsham (see what The Monster did there?  Lame?  Assuredly.).  There are one or two shelves of product that aren’t even halfway filled.  And the market is only open Thursday to Sunday in the afternoons and early evening.  So what is this?  The best Pakistani food in Los Angeles.

Five dirty tables and some sad looking gumball machines are the ambiance.  Selling chicken biryani from the gods, along with tandori, pulua, samosas and naan, there is no menu at Zamzam and they frequently run out of food so calling ahead is advisable.

When you walk up the sidewalk your bombarded with a deliciously pungent perfume.  It’s the fantastic cooking emanating from this humble space.

When you arrive you’ll find containers lining the counter as this is a mostly to-go shop for the worshipers at the nearby King Fahad Mosque.

The chicken biryani is so incredibly nuanced.  It’s virtually bursting with flavor while also having a bit of zing on the heat meter.  It is a ridiculously large portion for only seven dollars that three or four people can make a meal of it.  Think of that.  One of the best meals in the city might only cost you lss than two dollars a person.

The chicken tandori is equally great.  Juicy, with a kick of its own, it will make you a convert with the naan being a large, fluffy pillow upon which you can enjoy your meal.

This is biryani heaven and it’s a nice place to be.

Updated on 12/13/2012:

After a few more visits it is becoming apparent this might be the best $9 lunch on the planet moving this to 5/5 Monsters.

Why go?  You don’t have any trips planned to Pakistan in the immediate future.

Monster rating: 5/5 Monsters

11028 Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232

(310) 841-2504

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3 responses to “REVIEW: ZAMZAM MARKET

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