Somehow The Monster has spent fourteen years in Los Angeles and never once visited Pioneer Chicken.  Is this possible?  The Monster dreams about fried chicken and Pioneer, which has been around as a chainlet since 1961, specializes in the yard bird.

Three piece fried chicken, which is a breast, thigh and leg with French fries, sweet potato tater tots and a biscuit is the call.  Today The Monster has said waistline be damned. 

Yea it’s fast food.  And yea there is no atmosphere.  And yes the guy at the register is talking with a guy at a table about DUI’s.  And yea it’s dirty.  So what?  It’s fried chicken people!

Sure, you might get a chicken wrap (idiot) or the fish fillet sandwich (fool) but really what you should do is get a #1 which is twenty pieces and three large sides and eat until your heart bursts.

The wait is killing The Monster.  Anticipation of fried chicken goodness as the people ahead of him (a cop, an older woman, a seemingly homeless man) get their food.  Must eat fried chicken.  And then, it arrives…

Gobble, gobble, gobble.  Breath.  Gobble, gobble, gobble.  Breath. 

The chicken is nicely fried, a touch salty with juicy meat.  Now, this isn’t Gus’s or Willie Mae’s Scotch House or Thomas Keller worthy but it’s a heap better than KFC or Church’s (which bought many of the original Pioneer branches and then converted them into Church’s). 

The fries don’t fare as well.  Limp, soggy, sad fries.  But alas The Monster eats them regardless. 

The worst of the lot however are the sweet potato tots.  And this one’s all on The Monster.  When he asked the guy at the counter if they were good he said people liked them.  That’s code for not really.  They’re just too sweet.  They don’t pair well with ketchup and a stab at hot sauce is also a failure.

With the food crushed, greasy fingers and painfully full stomach are the takeaways as The Monster needs to go home and take a nap.

Why go?  Not for the bathroom.  At least three people came in looking for one but it’s nonexistent.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

5970 West Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036

(323) 954-0454

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  1. cecil mcnab

    You gotta try Golden Bird Chicken, the original LA fried chicken restaurant. Opened in 1953 and still slingin’ fresh chicken, dipped in wet batter (not dry flour), fried in heart-healthy peanut oil and served with home-cooked southern sides. Located at 8300 S. Western Ave., at 83rd St, in South LA. Also has the largest soda bar in town with over 400 different bottled sodas and an in-house bakery with interesting and tasty stuff: Better Than Sex cake, LA Unified School District Coffee Cake, Cappuchino Cake, Summer Cake, Deep Dish Sweet Potato Pie, various fruit cobblers with a shortbread crust. Damn.

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