Jasmine Market and Deli is that quintessential LA experience, not much to look at and not much of a market, what Jasmine is is a friendly, delicious and inexpensive Burmese and Indian restaurant.

This is plastic fork and knife eating on rickety tables and cheap chairs type affair.  It’s hot inside in the small space from the kitchen at work but they have a few tables outside as well.

The menu features tandoori’s, kabobs, biryani and curry along with a more adventurous menu of soups and salads available for dinner or on weekends.

The Monster starts off the meal with Aaloo Puri, fresh potatoes and homemade mild spices.  It is served with the aaloo, a fried dough.  It’s delicious if not terribly unhealthy and weirdly is lacking in potatoes.

The main course is a lunch special, chicken tikka kabob served with rice, naan and vegetables. The rice is fine, the vegetables a bit watery but the chicken is out of this world tender and perfectly spiced. 

If you ask for their homemade chutneys you’ll be rewarded with two different versions, one yogurt based one not. They make a tasty accompaniment to the naan which is good but not great.

For dessert The Monster hits up the freezer case offering up unique flavors of ice cream and frozen bars.  The bars, first made from frozen water of Himalayan lakes using local fruits and spices are dense, with surprisingly textured flavor.  The Monster opts for pistachio and it is a treat.

With friendly service and low prices make Jasmine another off the beaten path option in Culver City.

Why go?  It’s this or a trip to Burma.

Monster rating: 3½/5 Monsters

4135 1/2 Sepulveda Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90230

(310) 313-3767

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  1. No potatoes?? But alooooooo……!!

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