There are places in LA you pass for years never once thinking to stop in.  For The Monster one of these is Piece O’ Pizza, a sliver of a space in Culver City that looks like a relic from a time gone by.  Even the neighboring spots, Sun Light Coin Laundry and Quick Pick Market and Liquor look abandoned from the outside.  But The Monster is hungry and his intended destination too far.

Come to Piece O Pizza for…wait…hold for it…a piece of pizza.  Sure there are pastas and meat dishes and sandwiches but sometimes a place is all in the name.  Know this is cash only, no-frills eats.

Mostly a to-go joint, there are three tables to wait as Fox 11 plays on a television on the counter.  It’s a red, white and green affair, no ambiance save the $.50 machine dolling out little toys in plastic bubbles.  The Monster wins a…snake…a rope…a useless something or other…he is feeling nostalgic.  There goes $.50.  The place is grimy, etched graffiti in the windows, a sad haunt where The Monster can hide out for half an hour. 

The Monster rings up a slice of cheese and a slice of bbq chicken.  He can’t see what’s being made but the noise from behind the counter makes it sound like the guy is preparing fries and a hamburger.  There is the sound of a grill in operation.  Interesting.  Each slice is made to order so expect a little wait.  This is mercifully not a reheat job.

The slice of cheese is fine.  Wish the sauce had more of a part here as the crust and cheese do their job.

The bbq chicken looks like a gigantic grease bomb and one must eat it with a fork unless they prefer to wear it in a newfangled fashion statement.  This proves a Sisyphean task given the plastic fork and knife The Monster is given.  The fork quickly becomes useless but the pizza is tasty enough so The Monster figures out how to use his plate as a make-shift splint to eat the slice.

All without ruining his outfit.

Why go?  You love stains.

Monster rating 2½/5 Monsters

11700 Venice Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90066

(310) 391-9770

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