The Monster has been accused of knowing absolutely nothing about a whole host of subjects.  Movies (his chosen profession as espoused by many he is sure).   Food (his passion as described by one commenter on this sight because The Monster likes “boring food” and apparently should only eat during happy hour), and wine (the business he grew up in and has once made his career as written by another commenter who it appears knows much about nothing at all). 

All those people were wrong.  The Monster knows at least a little something about movies, food and wine.  Something he knows absolutely nothing about?  Juices.  And juiceries.  And juicing. 

Now Mrs. Monster, she is a certified PhD of juice-ology.  He wants her to do a guest column on the city’s many juiceries but she’s too busy in her chosen profession (art) to even consider it.  So it is with much trepidation The Monster stops in Venice’s own Moon Juice to do a little sampling.

The Monster conversely loves the idea of drinking healthy juices and loathes the concept of spending money on something he might be able to do at home.  And all the new-age quackery about all-natural and fresh-pressed and  homeopathic makes him feel dirty and in need of a shower.  Terms like fried and breaded are much more part of his lexicon.

Moon Juice is a nook of a space on the ever-evolving Rose Avenue.  It’s hip and homey, with friendly staff who aid The Monster in selecting a Turmeric Gold juice which has turmeric root and red apple and is said to be used for pain-killing, metabolism boosting and anti-oxidizing.  All that is good and well but how does it taste?


It’s like a mulled red apple cider and The Monster greedily drinks it all.  At $9 a bottle he better.

So while The Monster may not be a juice convert, for all you juice-heads (the good kind) head on over to Moon Juice and give their juices, organic moon milks and healthy products a whirl.

Why go?  You’ve never been to the moon.

Monster rating: N/A

507 Rose Avenue
Venice, CA 90291

(310) 399-2929

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