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Venice Beach Wines.  Is it a wine bar?  An artisanal restaurant?  A wine store?  How about all three.

It’s packed at lunch so The Monster is sitting inside, a giant tree stump with stools around it serving as the table.  It’s dark and cozy, a touch romantic surrounded by wine bottles.  Perfect to have lunch with a male colleague.  Given how swamped it is outside on the tiny patio having room to stretch out is just fine.

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The Monster just completed a drug deal.  He was given an address on South Robertson and told what time to arrive and how much money to have.  At the appointed hour a man stepped out of a nondescript building and brought the narcotics.  Money exchanged hands.  The Monster hurried off to get his fix…

…which is deep dish Chicago style pizza from Hollywood Pies!

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Nook Bistro, Yummy!

Cool space, fair prices, nice staff.

Soup and a wrap, yea!

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To call Zamzam a market is a shamsham (see what The Monster did there?  Lame?  Assuredly.).  There are one or two shelves of product that aren’t even halfway filled.  And the market is only open Thursday to Sunday in the afternoons and early evening.  So what is this?  The best Pakistani food in Los Angeles.

Five dirty tables and some sad looking gumball machines are the ambiance.  Selling chicken biryani from the gods, along with tandori, pulua, samosas and naan, there is no menu at Zamzam and they frequently run out of food so calling ahead is advisable.

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Somehow The Monster has spent fourteen years in Los Angeles and never once visited Pioneer Chicken.  Is this possible?  The Monster dreams about fried chicken and Pioneer, which has been around as a chainlet since 1961, specializes in the yard bird.

Three piece fried chicken, which is a breast, thigh and leg with French fries, sweet potato tater tots and a biscuit is the call.  Today The Monster has said waistline be damned. 

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When you come to Inka Deli, a new Peruvian spot on Venice Boulevard you’re neither entering a deli nor a restaurant called Inka Deli.  Look for El Agave Mexican restaurant (which itself is hard to find) but know the food coming out of the kitchen is 100 percent delicious Peruvian.

This is what eating in LA is all about.  Super-friendly people, super-delicious food, super-weird space and super prices.

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Jasmine Market and Deli is that quintessential LA experience, not much to look at and not much of a market, what Jasmine is is a friendly, delicious and inexpensive Burmese and Indian restaurant.

This is plastic fork and knife eating on rickety tables and cheap chairs type affair.  It’s hot inside in the small space from the kitchen at work but they have a few tables outside as well.

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Great chicken mole.

Fish tacos from the heavens!

EK Valley, truth.

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The Monster has been accused of knowing absolutely nothing about a whole host of subjects.  Movies (his chosen profession as espoused by many he is sure).   Food (his passion as described by one commenter on this sight because The Monster likes “boring food” and apparently should only eat during happy hour), and wine (the business he grew up in and has once made his career as written by another commenter who it appears knows much about nothing at all). 

All those people were wrong.  The Monster knows at least a little something about movies, food and wine.  Something he knows absolutely nothing about?  Juices.  And juiceries.  And juicing. 

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There are places in LA you pass for years never once thinking to stop in.  For The Monster one of these is Piece O’ Pizza, a sliver of a space in Culver City that looks like a relic from a time gone by.  Even the neighboring spots, Sun Light Coin Laundry and Quick Pick Market and Liquor look abandoned from the outside.  But The Monster is hungry and his intended destination too far.

Come to Piece O Pizza for…wait…hold for it…a piece of pizza.  Sure there are pastas and meat dishes and sandwiches but sometimes a place is all in the name.  Know this is cash only, no-frills eats.

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