With the legion of artisan and upscale sandwich shops hitting LA a new contender has just opened, Marcona.  With only five tables it’s perhaps more a grab and go spot but as The Monster arrives well after the lunch rush he’s able to snag a table and relax.

With a super friendly staff and casual yet cozy digs this is just the type of spot to succeed on super (trendy/annoying/hipstery/douchey) Melrose.

You might opt for a vegan meatloaf, Spanish gyro or lomo sandwich.  Or perhaps a salad is more to you’re liking like the huge chopped or the bloomed wheatberry.

The Monster opts for the Marcona chicken pesto sandwich with a side of the giardiniera pickled vegetables.

The pickled vegetables are a little bit of a letdown.  They are pre-packed in a gloopy mixture and honestly don’t taste terribly picked.  They aren’t bad so much as boring.

All is forgiven when the sandwich arrives.  It’s huge, on a toasted wheat bun and sweetly delicious.  This is pesto by way of chicken salad and sways much sweeter than salty.  Perhaps those looking for more traditional pesto won’t be won over but those seeking a tasty sandwich will be mighty pleased.

As The Monster takes some of his food to go Marcona includes a sample of another pickled vegetable combo in the bag.  A little nicety like this goes a long way in winning over customers.  Consider The Monster won over.

Why go?  There is an Ed Hardy shop down the block you’ve been dying to hit.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

7368 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

(323) 951-9991

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