The tiny storefront incarnation of a much beloved food truck, Komodo has much in common with Kogi, the truck that started all this madness.

Expect super fast and friendly service with moderate prices.  As seating is limited many patrons take their orders to go.

You can customize most anything as burritos, tacos or rice bowls.  There’s Asian marinated chicken with stir-fried rice and mandarin oranges, fish and grapes featuring deep fried Alaskan cod with a roasted almond salad, or Indonesian shredded pork Rendang braised in coconut cream with fresh tomato and cucumber salad to give you an idea of the menu.  Sides like truffle fries and meatballs with romesco sauce showcase the international flavors that Komodo plays with.

A blazin shrimp burrito, crabcakes with curry aioli and lychee lemonade is the call on this day. 

Lychee lemonade, not so much for this Monster.  The lychee flavor completely cuts the tartness of the lemonade leaving a super sweet tasting drink.  And this coming from someone who loves lychee flavored anything.  Go on line and people wax rhapsodic about this drink so The Monster is 100% in the minority.  Perhaps this is why he normally sticks with water and lemon.

The crab cakes are actually five tiny crab poppers.  Quite delicious and wellpaired with the curry aioli.  The crunchy, fried outer shell reveals delicious crab within.

As for the burrito, The Monster did a little alteration of the menu and got the blazin shrimp sans the sour cream salad.  And he will admit the error of his ways as it left the burrito blazin but without much taste.  For this reason he’ll leave the Monster Rating as incomplete.

Why go?  Sour cream salad sounds delightful to you.

Monster rating: Incomplete

8809 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90035

(310) 246-5153

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