Seafood!  Seafood!  Yum!

Crab, lobster rolls, ceviche!

Son of a Gun!  Yea!

Lobster roll, celery, lemon aioli.  Awesome.

Santa Barbara spot prawns, butter.  Delicious.

Fried chicken sandwich, spicy b&b pickle slaw, rooster aioli.  Off the charts!

Brownie sundae, hot fudge, vanilla ice cream, cherry, peanut.  Why not?

Why go? A seafood restaurant has the city’s best fried chicken sandwich.  Fact.  Perfect Monster combination.

Monster rating: 5/5 Monsters

8370 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048

(323) 782-9033

Son of a Gun Restaurant on Urbanspoon



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4 responses to “HAIKU REVIEW: SON OF A GUN

  1. actorsdiet

    woah! perfect rating! i gotta go for the lunch special sans vegetarian hubby…

  2. Andrew

    Meh… In my opinion Jon and Vinny’s sophomore effort doesn’t hold a candle to Animal. Too many near misses to be considered among my favorites of the city. Above average to be sure, but I never find myself craving more.

    • Fair enough. It is not a game changer like Animal. But The Monster admits his meal is shared with a former chef who worked with Vinny and Jon and this restaurant, unlike Animal, caters to The Monster. And if you don’t crave the fried chicken sandwich then it’s a matter of taste. Neither of ours being better, just different.

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