LA is the best place in the world for lovers of both sushi and Mexican food.  Such is the astute point of The Monster’s dining companion.  No other place comes close to offering the breadth and depth of both that our fair city does.  And be it Oaxacan mole or Sinaloan seafood, blue crab hand rolls or Kaiseki, The Monster can find a place that fits any mood.

Today’s mood is gluttony.  Gut-busting Mexican.  Enter Tacomiendo. 

This is no-frills dining whether at the Gatewood or Inglewood Boulevard location.  You’re trading in ambiance for fantastic people watching (hipsters, homeless, families, the plain weird and the weirdly plain) that all congregate at these small locales for cheap food and big portions of fresh Mexican fare. 

Sure parking can be a pain at both locations and the counter service tends to be rushed but when you get in an out for less than ten dollars with a meal that feeds a small army why complain about such negligible issues.

The meal starts with the spicy pickled carrots you get at the salsa bar.  They are laden with garlic, vinegar, pickled jalapenos and whole bay leaves.  They are wildly addictive and innumerable times The Monster has found himself on the wrong end of too many of them.  They are heartburn inducing lovelies that deserve praise. 

Also on offer at the salsa bar are a variety of salsas that range from a more sweet salsa verde to a burn the gullet salsa roja and fresh pico de gallo.  

On this occasion the call is a pollo burrito.  It’s a monstrosity of food, loaded down with beans and rice and chicken and guacamole.  Along with a side of chips it’s altogether too much food for one person.

The Monster mistakenly eats it all and pays the price the rest of the day.

The food nor the menu are revelatory.  This is not change your life Mexican food.  This is need a place to eat, have a few bucks in the wallet, boom, done.  And for that it is successful. 

Why go?  You want Mexican for lunch and Sushi Zo for dinner.  

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

4502 Inglewood Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90230

(310) 915-0426


11462 Gateway Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90064

(310) 481-0804

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2 responses to “REVIEW: TACOMIENDO

  1. Slow Waker

    Hahaha! Plain weird and the weirdly plain. I think I am going to get a breakfast burrito this morning. Gracias Monstro!

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