7:47 AM The Monster wakes up with a dull hangover and a growling stomach.

8:52 AM He begins to pull himself together for the Gold Standard.  This day-long event features over fifty fantastic area restaurants along with wonderful wineries all curated by the food impresario himself, Mr. Jonathan Gold.

10:42 AM Whole Foods stop for breakfast.  Today this entails a piece of cardboard dry key lime pie and pulled, smoked chicken. 

11:33. AM Arrive and stand in the VIP line which is already huge.

12:07 PM The line starts moving.

12:13 PM First bite from Sotto.

12:14 PM Mozza.

12:15 PM Already pouring sweat.  My lord it is a sauna.

12:16 PM A Frame and Chego.

12:19 PM Avocado mac ‘n cheese from the California avocado growers.

12:21 PM Wish there were more tables in the shade.  Need a seat.

12:24 PM Drago Centro, MB Post, Short Cake.

12:27 PM Loteria.

12:28 PM Ringing wet.

12:29 PM Mayura.  (Techical difficulties with the camera so no pictures of Mayura’s food.  Instead, here is the map of India for your edification.)

12:32 PM Bludso’s, Lukshon.

12:35 PM Stomach beginning to reach maximum density.

12:36 PM Starry Kitchen, Upstairs 2.

12:40 PM First sighting of the man himself, Mr. Jonathan Gold, rocking suspenders.

12:52 PM Jitlada, Providence, Kobawoo House.

12:56 PM Last food before VIP ends and the masses enter.  Meals by Genet, Baco Mercat.

1:00 PM It’s so crowded.  Already.

1:14 PM Stuck in a wedge of humanity and might start crying.

1:19 PM Bulgarini.

1:22 PM Little Doms.

12:24 PM At this juncture the extreme heat, crowds and logic dictate The Monster stop eating and start napping.

1:17 PM Nap.  Ah.

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