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Seafood!  Seafood!  Yum!

Crab, lobster rolls, ceviche!

Son of a Gun!  Yea!

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The tiny storefront incarnation of a much beloved food truck, Komodo has much in common with Kogi, the truck that started all this madness.

Expect super fast and friendly service with moderate prices.  As seating is limited many patrons take their orders to go.

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With the legion of artisan and upscale sandwich shops hitting LA a new contender has just opened, Marcona.  With only five tables it’s perhaps more a grab and go spot but as The Monster arrives well after the lunch rush he’s able to snag a table and relax.

With a super friendly staff and casual yet cozy digs this is just the type of spot to succeed on super (trendy/annoying/hipstery/douchey) Melrose.

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Bananas are gross.  They taste bad.  They smell repugnant.  They have a weird texture.  Monkeys love bananas.  Humans should not.  Kids pretend bananas are telephones.  They aren’t.  Also kids, we should talk about Santa.

When someone is mentally unwell we call them bananas.  Still want to eat one?  Banana Republic is not a good clothing store.  Bananas however is a great Woody Allen film.  So there is that. 

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The brainchild of Farid Zari, Cafe Livret is a tiny restaurant and tea shop serving a fascinating blend of foods reflecting his various influences growing up. You’ll see a French inspired menu with nods toward his Tunisian heritage along with touches from California cooking.  The restaurant’s motto is Eat. Good. Clean. Food and that ethos extends itself to the menu as well.  Also attached is Whisk Culinary Arts, a cooking school run by the chef.

It’s a few paper covered tables, concrete floors and bare walls, minimalism is the aesthetic choice.  Serving breakfast all day along with a full lunch menu, there is a patio from which one can sample flights of tea.

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The first thing to know is Shunji is marvelous, the sort of restaurant Los Angeles so desperately needs more of.  The second item to know is the bathroom situation.  Which is marvelously horrible.  Like a ghetto bathroom off a 76 Station on the turnpike from hell in West Virginia horrible.

Taking over the Mr. Cecil’s location in West LA, a few tables and a small sushi bar are the whole of the establishment.  And as long as you don’t have to use the facilities this will be a jazz-inflected, gustatory delight.  But should nature call you must endure the ignominy of being given a key on a long spatula and a trip outside the restaurant to a narrow bathroom (outhouse?).  Handi-wipes and apologies should come with each trip.  Better yet, just hold it and savor the epicurean treasures.

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Craving fried chicken?

Marilyn’s Soul Food Express.

Yams, mac n cheese, yes!

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