For a casual Valentine’s Day lunch with Mrs. Monster we head to a packed City Tavern.  Mind you, it’s not exactly the flower and chocolate’s crowd and more the Culver City work day lunch minions that populate the space looking for grub and beer.

It’s a handsome, high energy tavern of dark woods and bright light with a nice patio to enjoy fine Southern California weather.  Sitting at a high chair and it could not be more uncomfortable if they tried.  The Monster’s ass is numbing quickly.  Not enjoyable, get some pads for these chairs pronto City Tavern.

To start there is cauliflower that looks wonderful and then disappoints by being limp, soggy, drenched in oil and tasteless.

Then there is the curious case of the Moroccan spiced carrots.  They somehow come out just like the cauliflower.  Look fantastic, prove devoid of taste.  0-2.

Lastly, their is the jidori chicken panini which is, you guessed, missing any and all flavor.  Today is the curious case of the lack of taste.  How is a pressed sandwich, with marinated chicken, cheese and pesto ailoi needing more umph?  It does.  0-3. 

By now The Monster’s ass feels like it’s being cursed by angry Gypsys so Valentine’s dessert will be taken elsewhere.

In all, City Tavern is a fine place to grab a drink with friends or catch a game at the bar due to it’s charming ambiance and friendly staff.  The food however, is in serious need of delivering…

…any taste whatsoever.

Why go?  You burned the roof of your mouth earlier in the day so eating is a low priority.

Monster rating: 2/5 Monsters

9739 Culver Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232

(310) 838-9739

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