The Monster is walking around The Mission when he spots a sign for Colombian and Salvadorean food.  He is neither hungry nor looking to stop but it’s gotten freezing cold and passing by a little dive like this is not his style.

There are a few tables and not much atmosphere at El Majahual.  But the music is good.  None of the customers are speaking English.  Good sign.  The women cooking looks like a kindly grandmother.  Better sign.  The menu is diverse and picking out an entree proves difficult.  Best sign. 

And therein ends the good news.  The service is nonexistent.  The meal is uninspired and bland save the overuse of salt.  The Monster needs more water but the waitress never seems to notice.  For the price you’re getting lots of rice, a boring salad and a few shrimp.  And this is the best seafood dish on the menu according to the waitress.  Meh.

It’s turned tremendously cold as night falls.  The Monster diddles for a bit since he hates anything below seventy degrees.  He plays with his tasteless food and hopes someone will swing by with some water.  He’s still waiting.  Since he forgot a jacket when it was warm and sunny during the day he’s going to be mighty cold on his walk back.  At least he has the comfort of knowing dinner is still in the cards.

At some point The Monster must admit that not all ethnic dives are going to be winners.  And perhaps, despite the waitress recommending the dish, there are better options on the menu.  The Monster will let others figure that out. 

Why go?  You’re freezing.

Monster rating: 1½/5 Monsters

1142 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

(415) 821-7514

El Majahual on Urbanspoon

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