Italian tonight.

The Monster picks Locanda.

Proceeds to indulge!

The famous Jewish style artichokes.  The hearts are wonderfully delicious though the rest of the dish is a bit of a chore to chew.  Worth ordering for sure.

Cauliflower soup that ends up being light but a bit devoid of taste.

Pizza bianco with cauliflower and calabrian chili.  The most anticipated dish of the evening and also the most dissapointing.

Chestnut agnolotti with amaro burro nero.  The first wow dish it is a perfect pairing of chestnut’s earthiness and silky pasta.

Cuscini with gulf shrimp and burrata.  Another winner.

Linguine with dungeness crab, lettuce and sorrel.  The star of the evening.  A seductively simple dish with bright, huge flavor.

Local halibut with pancetta broth, clams and fennel.  The clams ended up taking to the broth much moreso than the halibut.  A good, not great offering.

Zucca with brown butter, pumpkin seeds.  A side dish that could just as easily be dessert this proves a highlight.

A beautiful wine to wash it all down!

Why go?  Like a mountain throwing it’s shadow over so much nakedness, or a cloud lighting its edges on the sun, I drowned my breath more deeply, and things lost there simple lines to possibility.

Monster rating: 3 ½/5 Monsters

557 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

(415) 863-6800

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