Short story:  Sometimes gluttony is a man’s friend.  And when the siren of overindulgence whispers in The Monster’s ear he heads to Koi Palace, dim sum par excellence outside San Francisco in Daly City.  The first visit the waiter brought over an additional table to hold The Monster’s food and toward the end items ordered were already in to-go containers when delivered to the table. 

On this visit the waiter shook his head and said “too much food!”  Ordered it all anyway.  And then proceeded to eat every single delicious morsel save one ridiculously large bowl of soup which we decided to take to-go.  And then forgot when we left.  All dim sum lovers have two choices.  Go to Hong Kong stat or head to Daly City.

You begin to sweat with anticipation but know there is probably an hour wait for a table.

Get out of the way, it’s Monster feeding time.

Score, gelatinous seafood thingy!

Must eat seafood wrapped eggplant!

Head starting to spin.

Unbelievable salt and pepper calamari.

Ridiculously amazing duck burritos.

Lobster!  Must have salt and pepper lobster!

Will take this home with us…oops…

Can’t eat more but must.

And finally the sweet, succulent crab. 

Why go:  You were in Hong Kong last week.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

365 Gellert Boulevard
Daly City, CA 94015

(650) 992-9000

Koi Palace on Urbanspoon


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4 responses to “REVIEW: KOI PALACE

  1. Antoine Joubert

    Should be six monsters at the very least…
    (after all, everything is “too much”)

  2. I loved this place so much when i went years ago! Glad to know it’s still going strong!

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