Arizmendi is the first stop for The Monster on his quick San Francisco sojourn.  In this worker owned bakery come for hot baguettes, scones, brioche and delicious looking focaccia amongst other baked goods.

The Monster orders the pizza special with cumin-roasted cauliflower, gruyere, parmesan and parsley.  He’s on vacation so health be damned.  Stop judging.

Wish they would have heated it up.  Wish it was a little less oily.  Wish it were a little less hard.  Wish the clientele didn’t all wear homeless chic attire.  Seriously, why is the midget girl wearing a scarf and wool hat and fucking gloves.  It’s not cold outside.  And your shoes are ugly.  Did you wake up with the sole intent of annoying The Monster.  Mazel tov, you win.

Perhaps though this is a larger LA versus SF argument.  I love San Francisco.  Great epicure city.  Napa and Sonoma in striking distance.  Beautiful iconography.  And a city that takes everything annoying about Los Feliz/Silverlake/Echo Park (The Monster loves you East side despite this) and generously sprinkles it over the city round like magical annoyance dust.  The Monster gets it, you’re a green/vegan/philanthropy driven person who rides a bike and offers up free poems to strangers.  Just.  Stop.

Rant over.  Come to this bakery for all your delicious baked needs served with a side of are you fucking kidding me with the glitter on your face?  Seriously?

Why go?  You are more tolerant than The Monster.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

1268 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110

(415) 826-9218


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  1. iris

    OHY! im not up to that. perhaps a pill instead.

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