The Monster wants a snack.  He stops at Thyme Café and Market.  He has been quite a few times and enjoyed it and finally it strikes him…

…Thyme Cafe serves great food and pastries, delicious desserts and features a nice selection of prepared items but…

…The place is designed to appeal to women much moreso than men.

Take this salad for instance.  It’s lettuce and a little tasteless dressing.  Mrs. Monster would undoubtedly love it.  The Monster takes one bite and puts the fork down.  It’s plate filler.  Just like the ocean covers seventy-one percent of the earth, so too does this salad cover that much of the plate.     

Sure, the meatloaf sandwich is tasty.  Crusty bread and moist turkey.  But looking at the menu on the chalkboard and the turkey meatloaf sandwich is the token chair in a women’s shoe store meant for the man who has tagged along for a day of shopping.

Chicken tarragon salad sandwiches on hazelnut raisin bread or an albacore tuna salad with currants, roasted tomatoes and lemon mayonnaise on multigrain bread?  Men, raise your hand if you are ordering those or a steak sandwich? 

Looking around there are eleven women and two men in Thyme Cafe so empirical data on this day at least backs up The Monster’s supposition.  Took a look at Yelp.  Out of the first twenty reviews sixteen of them were written by females.  On Urbanspoon both blogger reviews are from women.

Peering at the desserts (just looking, The Monster is being healthy) and there are quite a few shades of pink on display.  Mind you, the desserts look lovely.  They also look dainty.

Now, before misogynistic cries ring forth, three more women come in and order egg salad and sides of root vegetables.

Convinced now?

There is nothing wrong with Thyme appealing to women more than men.  And none of this means a man can’t enjoy Thyme immensely.  But in the same way say, Hoagies and Wings is man’s domain, Thyme appears to be the province of the fairer sex.

Why go?  You are a single man.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

1630 Ocean Park Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 399-8800

Thyme Cafe & Market on Urbanspoon


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