It’s Sunday and a drive from Santa Monica to Little Tokyo leaves The Monster wondering how there is not one song on the entirety of Sirius Radio that is any good.  Flipping through every channel and nothing to listen to.  Depressing.  And then parking is next to impossible in these parts.  Even worse.  When a spot finally opens up a man peaking out of a tent promises he’ll watch The Monster’s car.  Oh boy.

Going to Fat Spoon and there is a huge line at the restaurant next door, Daikokuya.  And Fat Spoon is empty.  Five people working.  Three people eating.  Through the window The Monster spies those milling about and already knows he’s made a mistake.

Which becomes even more pronounced when the uni croquettes arrive.  They are…not good.  But luckily they are huge.  The Monster is able to get through one of them and then gives up.

Then there is the matter of the seafood curry which looks like toxic sludge and tastes only marginally better.  Not often a plate of seafood doesn’t get crushed by The Monster.  Congratulations Fat Spoon!

The rest of the menu is salads, pastas and curries and The Monster isn’t sure if he ordered incorrectly on this outing or if the lack of a crowd is all he needs to know about the food.  Since Fat Spoon comes to you from the folk behind Lazy Ox and Aburiya Toranoku he hopes for the best, fears the worst.

Walking back to the car and The Monster gives his leftovers to the guy in the tent because his car is sure enough still there.  The Monster doesn’t stick around to see if he likes it any better.

Why go?  You have no patience for long lines.

Monster rating: 2/5 Monsters

329 East 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 621-7890

Fat Spoon on Urbanspoon

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