Do you trust The Monster?

Do you trust Nozawa?

Those are the defining questions when venturing to Sugarfish, Sushi Chef Nozawa’s fast-casual sushi chainlet that’s been springing up all over Los Angeles (and surely soon the country over).

For the uninitiated you choose one of three menus: Trust Me/Lite, Trust Me, The Nozawa.  Each is a slightly larger version of the next from which you can also add-on from a mid-sized menu of sushi, sashimi, hand and cut rolls and a limited amount of specials.  All the work is then done for you, tax and tip are included so eat, pay, leave.

The Nozawa is $34 and includes edamame, tuna sashimi (big eye), albacore sushi (2 pieces), salmon sushi (2 pieces), yellowtail sushi (two pieces), halibut sushi (2 pieces), toro hand roll, blue crab hand roll, and a daily special (2 pieces).

Since The Monster doesn’t want the daily special (scallops) he opts instead for the Trust Me and substitutes the daily special with another blue crab hand roll.  That is a win.

And since The Monster finds discussing individual pieces of sushi as exciting as discussing politics he’s not going to do that.

Instead, the question is does this concept work?  And for The Monster, it most certainly does.  It is not the filthy offerings of fast food sushi joints that crop up in strip malls beside 7-11’s.  Nor is what one expects when going to Sushi Zo or Sushi Gen or the original Nozawa going to be served here.  What it does provide is a reasonably priced meal to enjoy when you happen to be in the neighborhood and a hankering for sushi must be satiated.  And that’s good enough.

Why go?  You trust The Monster.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

Locations: Brentwood, Downtown, Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica

SUGARFISH Brentwood on Urbanspoon


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2 responses to “REVIEW: SUGARFISH

  1. actorsdiet

    i loved the downtown experience i had. i’m pretty clueless about sushi.

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