You love duck.  You crave Korean BBQ.  You have one option.  Sun Ha Jang.  In a brightly lit strip mall in Koreatown is this haven for those cravin’ duck.  Never mind the language barrier and skip past the rest of the menu, for you have arrived at your temple.

Soon you will be in duck heaven as the sizzling morsels of bird simmer alongside whole cloves of radiant garlic.  The room becomes a pungent dream of spicy kimchi, laughing Koreans and tasty beer.   Your eyes dilate and your heartbeat quickens, the meat is turning golden hues announcing it’s almost go time.  And then the duck is ready and you prepare to eat your prize wrapped in bonchon goodness.

As if in prayer you pause before the first bite to truly savor what the future holds and it’s a marbled, textured, insanely complex whirlwind within your mouth.  It’s fiery and crunchy and supple and sweet and oh so deliciously insane you are already naming your future children after this restaurant.  And little do you know, and how this is even possible is beyond comprehension, the best is yet to come.

For when you have mowed your way through your roasted, seasoned or spicy duck the waitress places a piece of kimchi onto the grill to stop the fatty oils from draining and a huge mound of rice is dumped onto the skillet and pounded down along with spice and daikon and onion.  And the result is duck fat rice so enormously tasty and so gloriously simple the smile on your face will be a permanent fixture for weeks to come.

And you know, you have found a little piece of duck-flavored heaven.

Why go?  You love duck.

Monster rating: 4/5 Monsters

4032 West Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90006

(323) 634-9292

Sun Ha Jang on Urbanspoon


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