A lot of very smart people very much like Ray’s and the Stark Bar.  Esquire hailed it as one of the best new restaurants nationally.  The LA Times gave it a great review.  LA Magazine lauded it as a winner.  That’s all fine and dandy.  Because The Monster disagrees.

Situated within LACMA, this has all the ingredients to be great.  Hip space, cool cocktails, celebrated chef.  Somewhere though the night The Monster visits everything is just so…

Bland.  Uninspired.  It starts with the menu.  There is almost nothing The Monster wants to eat.  And he’s hungry.  This basically never happens.   The Monster finds things he wants to eat at a steak restaurant and he doesn’t eat beef.  He ate at Pink’s and he doesn’t much like hot dogs. 

So The Monster orders a bunch of food and hopes for the best.  See, here is a bunch of food…

So yea, there is some tuna, some shrimp, some salad, some mac n cheese, some vegetables and some desserts.  They all end up boring The Monster.  Like super duper boring.  Like subtitled movie from Lithuania boring (sorry, Lithuanian readership).   

Maybe it is an off night.  Maybe the ever-changing menu will inspire The Monster on another occasion.  Maybe everyone else is just wrong.

Why Go?  Visi žmonės gimsta laisvi ir lygūs savo orumu ir teisėmis. Jiems suteiktas protas ir sąžinė ir jie turi elgtis vienas kito atžvilgiu kaip broliai.

Monster Rating: 2/5 Monsters

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