Very simply, all seafood lovers must go to Coni’Seafood.  Right now.  Remember all the Mariscos Chente buzz?  That was all due to maestro chef Sergio Penuelas and he has taken over the original Mariscos Chente space in Inglewood and set up shop with a new name but the same great menu. 

The space this time around is much nicer, with a huge outdoor patio to boot.  The Monster cannot come to this mecca of sea creatures and not order the whole fish pescado zarandeado (they added guacamole to the dish and it is ridiculously awesome), the shrimp a la pimienta and some killer shrimp or marlin tacos.  Oh yea, The Monster also loads up on the insanely addictive chips and salsa.     


Not much more to say other than Coni’Seafood, The Monster loves you.

Why go?  Inglewood!

Monster rating: 5/5 Monsters   

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2 responses to “REVIEW: CONI’SEAFOOD

  1. la sirena

    5/5 wow!! I’m there!

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